Our monthly subscriptions and licensing.

Licensing Types

We offer 3 types of license for your audio needs.

Personal license

You’re able to generate audio for use in personal and non-commercial projects.

Creator license

The Creator license lets you use your generated audio for commercial projects and music releases as an individual.

Enterprise license

As part of a medium to large organization you will need an Enterprise license, enabling you to use generated audio for pretty much anything.

Can use in...
In non-commercial projects
In commercial projects
In commercial music releases
Social media, personal podcasts and videos
In commercial products below 100,000 MAU
In commercial products above 100,000 MAU
Film, TV, advertisement
Apps & games

Enterprise subscription

Use your generated audio for pretty much everything.

Need an enterprise license?

Have a specific use case in mind for your generated audio and need an Enterprise license to do it?

Get a license to use audio in areas like:

  • Fortune 500 Advertisements
  • Film, TV and Radio
  • Apps & games
  • Commercial projects with large audiences.